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New Walker Drags foot

Hi! My 14 month old is walking probably 10 steps. I’m a little concerned because he’s stepping with one foot and drags the other. Is that normal for a new walker or is that something to be concerned about?

New walkers tend to do LOTS of interesting things as they’re building the muscle strength, balance and coordination for a proper gait. Unless you’ve noticed a history of weakness on that side of the body throughout several milestones, you can probably give it a few weeks to see if there’s improvement. If not, check in with a local PT to get to the underlying issue.

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I agree with @tots-allison and this tends to be common because they are still working on finding stability so it is easier for them to lead with one foot. Once walking is their primary method for a month or so you should see it resolve!


I love that we agree so many times!

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