New Speech & Language Guide with MamaGuide

It’s here! Introducing “From a Babbling Baby to a Talkative Toddler” by @mamaguide and @learnwithchatterboxes.
This guide includes:
:white_small_square:Tips for fostering speech and language skills from the start
:white_small_square:Detailed milestone information, routine-based strategies
:white_small_square:High-frequency word lists to focus on, play ideas and more!

It is perfect for you if:
:star:You have a child between the ages birth-2 and you want to know what you can be doing to encourage language development at home
:star:You have a child over the age of 2 with a language delay and you want to educate yourself on strategies while also receiving speech-language services.
:star:You are a speech-language pathologist looking to learn basic strategies to use with late talkers.
:star:You are expecting a little one and want to get a head start on educating yourself!

For only $15, this 21 page guide is jam-packed with excellent info!