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Never hands and knees?

My son is 8 months now and can:

• army crawl (lifts bum up a lot when doing it though giving it more height than a typical army crawl) but uses both arms at the same time, hands folded together in his midline

• sits amazingly (always has been a sitter)

• gets in/out of sitting

• pulls to stand

• can cruise 2 steps (loses coordination after 2)

• climb over surfaces/obstacles about 7 inches high

…but will not hands and knees crawl. Will go into extended arm, will play on high knees (though isn’t a preferred position), will climb, etc. Now that he’s moving onto cruising, standing, and walking is it really THAT detrimental that he isn’t crawling on hands and knees?

He does see a PT already, he is getting AFOs made right now for extreme pronation, external tibial torsion, and hyper mobility. But to my knowledge none of that should cause a crawling concern.

Thanks for sharing all this information! It sounds like he really does have a lot of the prerequisite skills needed for quadruped crawling. If you lift him by the hips and give him some support, will he attempt to crawl in that position?

Also, how long has he been doing this for? If it’s just been a few weeks and he seems to be trying to get his hips up then it’s possible he’s still figuring out the motor planning of it all.

Since he’s getting physical therapy, does the PT notice and weakness in his arms or hips that may be preventing him from holding himself in a quadruped?

You can try just playing with him in quadruped so he gets more comfortable in that position, but he’s still on the early side of crawling so give it a few weeks-he might figure it out

Hey, thanks for responding!

He has been crawling for 2 months now, used to go up on hands and knees and rock but no longer does of his own volition. If I put him there he fights against me to go down do he can quickly crawl. I can play with him on high knees and we do every day, as well as some climbing activities that forces him to get up on his hands and knees. It hasn’t seemed to help much (we have been doing these the whole two months he’s been crawling).

He does have hypotonia but is very strong. No arm weakness but his shoulders and his hips are very hyper mobile, his shoulders used to dislocate a lot when he was younger and weaker but haven’t since about 3 months.

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Hey @CmamaRoss!
It sounds like you are giving him all of the opportunities to get up and move on all fours. I agree with @totsallison, he seems to have all of the prerequisite skills, he just may not be there yet.

I agree with @tots-allison and @tots-mary. It sounds like you are doing great. Here are some ideas we have used to trouble shoot crawling and to help little ones crawl. We also have a 6 week motor program you are welcome to check out. Also, I tell parents that crawling is important but I don’t stop them from getting up if they do it on their own, I don’t actively put them up into standing, etc. Also, you can add crawling play in as they continue to develop so they don’t miss out on the skill altogether. Does that make sense?