Need help prioritizing activities for 8 month old


My son just turned 8 months old and I am having some trouble prioritizing motor activities.

He sits well and seems to prefer that position over anything else. He can reach pretty far outside his base of support but I have to help facilitate a side sitting position and reaching with his opposite arm for items out of reach. If I don’t help him with this, he becomes disinterested in whatever is out of reach. He can’t transition in and out of sitting and will often fling himself backwards out of sitting - guessing that he is using that to transition.

He doesn’t like tummy time so doesn’t spend a lot of time in tummy time - will roll out of it pretty quickly and if I try to stabilize his hips so that he can’t roll out of it he Supermans, extends his back or gives up and lays down and sucks his thumb. Have tried over my leg, on a couch cushion and over a boppy and keep getting the same result. When he does maintain tummy time for longer periods he doesn’t move around much. Only pivots in one direction and isn’t motivated by anything to go the other way. He isn’t army crawling either.

Because of all of this his arms don’t seem as strong as I would expect. He can’t get into quadruped and if I help him with it he can only maintain extended arms for a few seconds. Have been helping him play in side sitting and tall kneel but he struggles with this as well. His hips seem very tight and side sitting seems uncomfortable for him.

Know that I should meet him where he’s at but am not sure what I should be prioritizing. Tummy time for arm strength? Side sitting for core strength? I also try to do the stretches from the babies on the move course but they are getting harder to do with him because he won’t relax enough for me to do passive movement with him. Is there another way for me to stretch his hips?

Thank you!


You seem to be trying all of the right things and using many different techniques. Most babies are motivated to move so when a baby seems to give up, or appears disinterested, it’s likely that it’s hard for him/her. Since he doesn’t like tummy time, it is possible that he hasn’t build the necessary strength in his shoulders and arms, which may be why he’s having trouble maintaining the quadruped position or extending his arms for any length of time. I think I would reach out to a local PT/OT to get some more detailed guidance, especially since you don’t feel he is making much progress with all of your efforts so far.
I’m also going to tag some more amazing therapists to see if they have any more insight

Keep us updated!

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Hi, I would work on the transitions in and out of sitting to help with motivation for mobility. Here are some videos of a little one who was a really great sitter and didn’t want to do much else and didn’t like other positions. You can see how I was encouraging the transitions! I hope they help!

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Hi :wave: & welcome to the community!

I like to try to remember to do this move whenever putting baby down

It facilitates hands down on floor, parachute reaction .

Also a peanut ball is more “fun” than your leg and couch cushion

You can sing and roll them forward to take weight on their hands! Generally a fun way to tolerate weight bearing through arms

I will look for a link to this activity as well later today. Got to run at the moment. But try that first activity every time you put him on the floor :slight_smile:
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@tots-mary @Starfishtherapies @magicmomentstherapy thank you all for your input! I will try these activities and reach out to a therapist if needed. I am a PTA however have limited experience with peds outside of my son. Appreciate it!


Sounds good! You’ve got this!

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@tots-mary @magicmomentstherapy @Starfishtherapies posted this a few months ago and just want to say thank you again for all of your input! My son had a PT eval this morning and found out that he has some vestibular issues that have most likely been contributing to his challenges with mobility. With some home exercises and continued therapy, expect that he should improve quickly. Thank you!


Amazing! Thanks for the update!

Thank you for posting these videos. They will help my son who is exactly the same :slightly_smiling_face: