My oldest is sensory seeking and avoidant

I have one son who’s very sensory seeking and the other who seems to be the opposite? Older brother doesn’t like to be thrown or lifted off the ground, avoids swinging or being too high off the ground in general but loves to pace back and forth, buzzing/vocal stemming, hand flapping or even the hand stemming in front of his eyes. He’s 9 now but I’m curious how to find a balance in both sensory seeking and avoidance?

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Hi there, welcome! It sounds like from what you’re describing that his sensory seeking or avoiding depends on the sensory system. Being fearful of movement or when the feet leave the ground has to do with the vestibular sense and hand flapping in front of the eyes has to do with the visual sense. The best way to ease out which systems are over or under sensitive would be to consult with a local pediatric OT with experience in sensory processing. He or she would be able to identify sensory patterns and create a plan to address any difficulties. I hope that helps!