My little one has stopped taking bottle feed, need help!

Hi, I am a first time mom of a 5 month old baby. I had introduced her to bottle when she was 8 weeks but now out of sudden she has stopped drinking milk from bottle. I always pump and give her bottle feed and now I have to go back to work in a couple of months but she is refusing to drink from bottle. I have tried both avent and dr. Brown’s bottle but still refusing. Please if anyone could help me with one, I’d appreciate it so much. Looking to hear all the experiences and suggestions all you great moms have.

It could just be a phase. Im a FTM and my little one did this for about a week and then went back to taking a bottle fine. Some advice I got during that time was to have someone else try and feed her the bottle, try giving the milk at different temperature(my little one likes her bottles cold), and maybe try some different nipples/ bottles. Your pediatrician or La Leche league might have some more ideas or advice.

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My 5 month old daughter went on a bottle strike a few weeks ago too. She only gets a bottle at night from dad (the rest of the day I breastfeed). We figured out that she was frustrated by the slow flow nipple, so we went to a faster flow nipple and she started taking it again. It was still a little struggle to get her to take it after switching nipples because she didn’t know the flow would be faster, so we had to give it to her during the day when she wasn’t hungry/tired like she is at bedtime. Then she started taking it at bedtime too☺️


Hi, I am a feeding therapist and work on bottling with my patients. I have some more questions for you before giving you recommendations, but am happy to help! I have an account on Instagram @Playingatyourplate, feel free to send me a message and I’d be happy to help!