My four year old stopped eating veggies

When my four year old was home with me, she ate everything I do-avocados, cauliflower, salad…literally everything. Since she started preschool, she’s rejecting all things healthy and wants to me send her hotdogs and chicken nuggets to school like her friends. In all the things I worried about with my firstborn going off to school, I did not think I had to worry about her being embarrassed to eat healthy food that I know she loves.
Has anyone else gone through this?

I had this with my almost 4 year old! When she was home with me, ate everything healthy and very little junk food. When I had to go back to work and she went to daycare, the teachers told me she was refusing to eat a lot of things in her lunch. It was hard, but I compromised a bit (maybe I shouldn’t have) and gave her fruits and things like cheese sticks and granola bars for snacks. At home she has to eat a vegetable with her dinner. I hope she’ll eventually go back to eating more veggies like she did before.

@tara_clark Hey there! I feel like we’ve all been there! But honestly, I agree with @phoebeMC and I think I would compromise a little bit. Also, If you hit up places like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, they usually have healthier options for things like chicken nuggets and nitrate-free hot dogs. It’s worth a shot! :wink: I’m also going to tag @Helpinghandsot because she has some awesome ideas and recipes for how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into the diet!
Here’s her blog

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Exposure is key. You can only control what happens at your house. Keep your expectations consistent. Your child can eat veggies and healthy at your house and explore other kinds of food elsewhere. It’s still learning about foods :slight_smile: I have had the same issues with other people not having the same feelings on foods as I do, but the trick is to not let it get to you. Try to not bash the “unhealthy kid foods” even though it can be such a challenge because kids love them so much more. It’s frustrating, but generally all about creating positive experiences with all foods. At least your child is open to veggies and continues to explore them!! Love the idea of serving a “healthier” version at home to show that those foods can be eaten at home as well (and alongside veggies!)