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My daughter screams bloody murder anything but standing

She’s 5.5 months and LOVES having me hold her by her arms to zoom around the house. I do TT, she can do table top, she can roll all ways, she can spin like a top on her tummy, she can sit unassisted for a while before eventually toppling over, but the last 3 days it’s all tears unless she’s on her feet. I’m so exhausted, and my back hurts. Is this a phase? I know she needs to crawl, but she’s having none of it… Even diaper changes are all tears… any advice, reassurance is appreciated.

Update: I think the clingy/standing is because her head hurts I think teeth are finally erupting.

Hi @Lmnop it sounds like quite the stage. There are so many reasons babies go through these phases-sometimes they’re exploring a new ability and that’s all they want to do. Sometimes it’s teething and normal habits change for a few days before going back to the typical rhythm.

Have you noticed any improvements?

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Yes she’s still super fussy and prefers being on her feet, but definitely tolerating other activities again, thank Goodness. @tots-allison

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