My boys are constantly wrestling

My boys are constantly wrestling!! I can’t take it! I’m so afraid someone is going to get hurt (which does happen sometimes), but it’s like they can’t get enough! My husband says that this is normal. Is he right?

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My boys are 9 and 5. They’ve been wrestling nonstop for probably the last 3 years. Wish I had some advice to make it stop but it’s definitely a common thing and you’re not alone.


It is quite common for young kids-especially boys-to wrestle. They’re getting out their energy and getting a lot of sensory input (so that’s kind of a positive right?). I’m putting my mom hat on here when I say that it would also make me anxious and nervous and maybe even a bit crazy, but could you lay some ground rules? Like have an area thats designated where its carpeted and not much to bang into. When kids are looking for they input it’s really hard to cut it off completely, but setting some clear boundaries around it may help. Sending luck and sanity your way!

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I have three boys - 2, 4, 6yrs. They have been wrestling since my middle was 6mos…seriously. I was also a kindergarten teacher and saw this a lot too. It is so very normal! We have some ground rules in our house like no wrestling on the furniture or stairs so no one falls, not in the tub or without clothes, and they need to respect each other’s “stop!” I always took my cues from them. If none of them were making protests (even as babies) I let it be. (Even if it looked crazy) If someone got hurt, they would make it known! If they aren’t bothered, I didn’t let it bother me. I would rather teach them the skills of respecting people saying no, of learning that you can get hurt if you wrestle too hard, and of being mindful about what is around you in the space instead of just outright telling them to stop. It’s so good for them and their bonding, just needs some structure and skill-teaching.


Thank you, thank you! So glad to hear others have experienced the same thing with their boys. I only have two sisters so this extra energy is all new to me! Even when they get hurt, they still go back for more the next day. My littlest one is often the one who instigates the fight!

I really love all of your suggestions about teaching how to respect the “stop” and to maybe lay some ground rules on the places where it’s definitely not safe.

Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone. I was starting to think something was wrong :grimacing:

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