My baby gets diaper rashes alllll the time!

My baby has very sensitive skin. He just seems to always have redness in the diaper area. If I don’t change him right away when he poops, it gets even worse and takes days for the redness to go away. What can I do? Any over-the-counter or homeopathic remedies someone can suggest?

@andifrank I know it sounds a little crazy, but I would look into allergies or food intolerances. Many times when babies have frequent diaper rash, food is to blame!

My daughter was the same way and her pediatrician recommended Vaseline. It creates a barrier between the wetness/bowel movement and it really helped! We’ve been using it ever since and when our second kiddo was born we used it from the very first day and he has never had a diaper rash. Good luck!

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Interesting, I never thought of that! Does it work better than A & D?

You may already know this but I didn’t know until the dr. told us to make sure little one’s bottom is completely dry before putting on any cream and to really lather it on(much more than I thought we needed).

For a more natural alternative to the vaseline I’ve heard of using coconut oil, but you probably would want to make some there is no allergy to tree nuts.

Also if you’re currently struggling with a rash: letting baby go naked to air out the area as much as possible and use just water instead of wipes to clean after diaper changes have been some of the tips we’ve received from veteran parents.

I never heard of using coconut oil! that’s so good to know. and now that you mention it, I did know to let the bottom dry first, but I don’t always do that. thank you!