My 15 month old isn't walking yet. Should I be concerned?

My first baby walked by her first birthday so I’m getting a bit antsy that my 15 month old isn’t walking yet. He sat on time, crawled at about 8.5/9 months. He does pull to stand and cruise along furniture, but he is not interested in taking any steps. He just plops down and crawls! Ahhhh, I love this boy so much, what can I do?

Hi! I hear this question all the time. I have an old blog post that answers this question ([My Child Isn’t Walking – Should I Be Concerned?])We also see a lot of kids who get to this point. They are tentative with taking that first step and know that they can easily get around with crawling. Here is another post that we did that gives some ideas for progressing to independent walking. (Progressing to Independent Walking). Let me know if you would like more ideas. It sounds like he is so close!

Hey @tara_clark. I completely agree with @Starfishtherapies, and the strategies in her blog posts are great and very helpful to encourage independent walking! He sounds close to walking and one thing I have found is that if their motor development is on track and they are exploring, developing strength and trying to consistently move, it works best to create an environment where he is motivated to walk! I personally prefer no pressure walking activities, sometimes kids are resistant when we are more insistent. Sometimes it’s all about when they are ready and confident. Hope that’s helpful!

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I agree that as long as development is on track and the baby is cruising along furniture and has enough balance to weight shift and reach for toys while cruising, I tend to not worry. The next stage after cruising along steady furniture is to walk while pushing a walker toy which is on wheels so the baby needs more control and balance than while holding furniture. I would encourage walking with a walker toy like this


Other than that, just providing a lot of motivation to get your baby moving! If he seems strong enough and has good balance (for a baby), then independent walking shouldn’t be far behind. :blush:

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