Mouthing for a 1 year old

My toddler’s (14mo) daycare called the other day to tell me that they are concerned with her putting everything in her mouth. They said it is significantly more than the other children and is limiting the activities they can do with her. They recommended that I buy sensory necklaces for her but I am not sure what to do. What is a normal amount and when should I be concerned? My husband and I agree that she puts her mouth on everything but since this is our first we are not sure if this is typical for her age. Any advice is much appreciated!

Hey! Thanks for sharing your situation with us. At 1 year old it is still very typical for babies to be mouthing things. Often, they are using their mouths to learn about their environment, they can also be teething and looking for input that way. Sometimes they use oral stimulation to help regulate their emotions as well. Think about how many babies have pacifiers till 2 or 3 years old-oral stimulation is very soothing for babies and toddlers.

While I don’t know your child, chewy bracelets or necklaces are not typically recommended for babies at all. Allowing her to have a safe place with no choking hazards around is likely the best option. I don’t know what activities her teachers are attempting, but hopefully they can modify. Check with your pediatrician as well as s/he knows your daughter’s specific situation and if any red flags have been noticed. If not, give your baby some time and try not to agree-some babies just mouth more than others.

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