More veggies please!

Ok, mommas… please tell me how to get more veggies into my boys. I’m looking for kid-approved recipes that you can add extra vegetables. Any recipes that you really like or sneaky ways to get your kids to eat more greens? Thanks!

Hey @momofboys! It’s so interesting, but when I began introducing veggies, my kids were actually more resistant when I put them in things like stir fries or ziti, and were actually much more willing when it was on the side and they could see it clearly. They also prefer sliced cucumbers, avocados and cherry tomatoes instead of cooked vegetables for some reason. :woman_shrugging:

Soups are actually the one thing I can get lots of veggies in and blend them up and they don’t realize.

I’ve also been thinking of trying to make some smoothies and adding spinach and other veggies into those along with fruits and yogurt.

Check out the following Instagram pages for some ideas- @, @mamaknows_nutrition, @dashingdish. I’m sure there are lots more out there but those are the ones that come to my mind right now

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yes-my kids love smoothies and i get so many veggies in there that they would normally make lots of faces at-heres a great list of recipes:

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I mix veggies in everything including burgers, meatloaf, pasta sauce, eggs. I also give them on the side. I have a 12 month old though so from what I understand we are just starting to potentially enter the choosy phase so I will have to see what continues to work. Life is but a dish has lots of family friendly easy recipes and in her stories on instagram she is always putting veggies in things or roasting them.

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My go to for adding in more veggies is quinoa nights. For the babies/toddlers, I’ll take a handful of whatever veggies (broccoli, bell pepper, carrot, zucchini, yellow squash, mushroom, and leafy greens) I sautéed in in spices and give them a quick mincing before mixing them with a scoop of cooked quinoa and an egg. Mix it all together and pour it into a skillet to cook completely on one side before flipping it. It comes out like a thin quiche/omelet type deal and can easily be sliced up and held by hand. I first made it to give my baby a way to get in the quinoa without too much mess or fuss and she loves it. Hubby tries to steal some whenever I make it too.

The next easiest way I use to add more veggies in is to sautée or steam peppers, yellow squash, mushrooms, tomato, and carrot till they’re soft and add them into the blender with half a jar of store bought pasta sauce. Use it for spaghetti, as a dipping sauce for bread, whatever. My kids are currently weird and won’t eat any pasta but they will eat sauces by the handful (I wish I could say spoonful but nooooo).

Start by setting the example and letting them see you eat veg. My toddlers saw me with big veggie and hummus tray and ate most all of it just because it was mine and they new it was safe since mom was eating it. Did they eat those same veg when i served them for lunch? No, but after a few weeks of stealing my veg, they’re starting to warm up to what’s on their own plate.

Snacks with Jax on IG also has a highlight specifically aimed at including veggies with breakfast too.

Ultimately, I personally think “sneaking” veggies isn’t okay and it’s more about involvement. Name the produce in the grocery store, describe what you’re putting in the cart, let them help bag, let them hold a potato or citrus or something else they really can’t hurt if they drop it. When you’re cooking, offer them bites of veg as they swarm you for food. Use dips, food picks, and food play to encourage interaction. It’s all a process and it takes time, but it’s better for that process to be built on trust and education than sneakiness. Fruit also has lots of vitamins/minerals/phytonutrients so don’t stress if they don’t LOVE veg right now.

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love the ideas of having the watch you eat veggies-familiarity is a big deal-and that sauce you make sounds amazing, I’m for sure trying that (really for myself!)

quinoa is such a power food-i never thought to make a quiche with it. I love foods that the whole family can enjoy and not always have to make separate things for the kids.

Thanks for your tips! Soups are a great option! My kids love noodles, so maybe if I make a soup with lots of veggies and noodles they will eat it.
Thanks for recommending these IG accounts. I’ll check them out!

Yes, thank you! I even prefer roasting vegetables! :slight_smile:

OMG, I’m going to have to definitely try that quinoa trick. That sounds so tasty!! Thank you!