Mobility for 10 month old

Hello, my girl is now 10 months old and is still not moving or mobile. She doesn’t crawl or creep or scoot or pull herself up to stand and I can hardly keep her on her belly she just wants to roll over to her back. She can’t even stand well supported without being wobbly. She will roll 360 but only I’m in one direction. I brought up all my concerns to her doc at 9 month appt and she said to keep working and practicing with her and that it’s just because she’s a chunky baby. I have limited control over her daily activities as she goes to daycare during the day (insert more mom guilt), but I have asked them not to put her in any containers since she started going there at 4 months. I’m at a loss of what to do because I can’t shake the concern that there is an issue. Should I find another pedi for a second opinion or search out a PT? Thank you!

Hey @Alyssad2! I think you should always trust your gut and if you have concerns, you can always seek out a PT evaluation. Typically, babies that are 10 months are a little more mobile than what you’ve described. You mentioned that she is able to roll 360 degrees, so is that how she’s moving around the room, say for example, if she wants a preferred toy? Tummy time, or prone position, is very important for babies because it helps to strengthen their neck, core, shoulder, arm, and hand muscles in preparation for more advanced mobility, like crawling. The fact that she will immediately roll over tells me that the prone position is not preferred position for her, possibly because it’s difficult. Just a few more questions :slight_smile: How is her dynamic balance in sitting? Is she able to reach out, past her base of support, to get a toy and play in midline? Is she able to get into the sitting position by herself when she’s on either her belly or back on the floor? We also have some wonderful therapists in this community so I’m going to tag a few of them to also weigh in :slight_smile: @tots-allison @Starfishtherapies @Giselle_Tadros @ontrackbaby @Tracking_miles @Alinclusivetherapy

Hi @Alyssad2! I totally agree with @tots-mary !

Firstly, you are a great mamma worrying about your baby and asking great questions! So put aside the mom guilt-we all have it, but we shouldn’t!

Second, it does sound like a PT evaluation would be a good idea. You can call your state’s Early Intervention Program for evaluations or find a private local outpatient physical therapist. As @tots-mary said, most babies at this age have a bit more mobility, can put more weight through their feet with some stability, and can purposely roll in both directions.

Last-trust your mom gut! If you’re feeling like there is something to check out, then you are probably right and getting an evaluation will give you peace of mind and hopefully some answers.

A simple activity that you can do to build core strength by encouraging your baby to lean in all direction is playing with a ball. Take a look at this post from our :instagram: page

Hope this is helpful! :blush:

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She sits very well and will reach out past base to reach for something as if she is about to get into crawling position but never actually gets to hands and knees. She cannot get into a sitting position from belly or back on her own. She also plays well in the midline and enjoys clapping banging toys together and is really good at tipping up a cup.

I completely agree with @tots-allison and @tots-mary that you need to trust your gut. And I think it doesn’t hurt to have a PT evaluation as they can give you things to do as well as strategies to support her movement. In addition to the ideas above I’m attaching some ideas for core strength and getting into sitting. You are doing a great job and your daughter is lucky to have you as an advocate! 5 Tips for Getting into Sitting
Using a ball for getting into sitting

Hello @Alyssad2. I’m completely agreeing with Mary, Allison and Stacy!. We do like to see more mobility at 10 months, but I’m glad she’s rolling to get places! Since she has a little more mobility in sitting, working on getting in and out of sitting and other activities that help with some weight bearing on her legs can help (kneeling is a great position)! In my experience, mom instinct is usually right. If you’re concerned, a PT eval seems like a good idea. Does she use both sides when reaching for toys in sitting or when she’s almost transitioning out? If she’s rolling on one side only, practicing the other side is also important! Tummy time is beneficial at all ages, and seems like that’s a good place to start. These are some ideas to help her get to the next step, in addition to all the great recommendations already made!