Low tone and speech

Does low tone in babies affect speech sometimes too ?

Yes it can because it affects all muscles including the muscles used to produce speech. A speech therapist may be able to provide more information though.

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Yes! @Starfishtherapies is right! Low tone can definitely impact the strength and endurance of all of the muscles surrounding the mouth as well as the tongue. It can also contribute to drooling and an open mouth posture. But I will tag some amazing speech therapists to get a more thorough answer. @Twowayspeech @Speechwithjwo @Speechie.Morgan @Learnwithchatterboxes @Talkingtotsnj

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Yes it can definitely impact speech development. Sometimes with a baby who has low tone in the mouth, we might first try some things to “wake up the mouth” to try to get some oral awareness! Saying specific sounds may be tricky for a babe with low muscle tone since there are muscles all around our mouth that help us talk!


That makes sense! Thank you! My daughter is actually veryyyy oral. She loves the paci and can successfully drink from a straw. However, she isn’t babbling much. She screams (lol!) and says “aaaaa” but doesn’t use any other constants at the moment so that’s why I was worried. I read often to her and talk face to face with her as much as I can.

That’s great! How old is she?

She’s 8 months old on the 4th of January. She does droll a ton! And she mouths toys like crazy but get frustrated when the toys aren’t her paci. I have feeling I’m going to have a tough time getting rid of that paci :grimacing: but yes almost 8 months old! Hoping to get more help at her 9 month pedi appt too. Thank you for your help!

Hi @Kelseymrose6. Yes low tone can impact both speech and feeding development because of all the reasons mentioned above. The mouthing stage is very important since the toys are providing sensory feedback about the limits of the mouth which is important for both feeding and speech development. Sensory feedback will help drive motor development for speech.

You mentioned your child is yelling and not much babble. Try working on skills to get her jaw moving up and down. This means making sure you do some spoon feeding, Practice cup drinking with a variety of cups (you don’t have to put water in them if you don’t want a mess just pretend play). Also playing around with songs is always fun to try to get the jaw moving. My favorite song for jaw movement is “Old Mc Donald”.

Also, give your self some grace on the paci. Sometimes kids need them for regulation. Go look up the paci post I responded to. You’re doing a great job!!!

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Thank you so much for that post! Tons of good info there! I’ve never heard of low time before this so this is also new to me. In regards to eating, does it mainly affect their ability to grasp food? I’ve noticed my daughter at almost 8 months wants to pick the food up and she does but sometimes she has a hard time getting her fingers in her mouth. She still can’t replace the paci on her own. So I feel like her hand coordination is suffering a bit for her age. Does that sound right? Also it’s low tone common or rare in babies this being the first time I’ve heard of it I’m just so worried for her. They say she has a mild grade. Thank again this forum is amazing.