Low tone and not tucking chin

I have a 3.5 year who I’d say has low normal tone. He has met his milestones on time for the most part. That said, he still can’t tuck his chin to his chest when he is getting into a laying down position or getting up. So his head hangs/flops all the way back, if that makes sense. If he’s getting up from laying down he can’t push straight up on his arms because his head hangs/flops back. He instead rolls to his side first. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help him? Possible exercises to help strengthen the right muscles? Thanks so much!

Hi, have you tried giving him more support at his shoulders or upper torso and start from sitting and lower him down as far as he can go right before he would let his head fall back and then have him come back up again. So basically a sit up only using the range where he can keep the chin tuck.

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Hi. I’ve not tried that, but I will. Thanks so much for the response.