Low Muscle Tone Toys

My daughter (ages 3 years 0ld) has low muscle tone and is currently getting PT. She also has some difficulty with stairs. What are some toys that I can get for her to help her?

Hey Naomi!
Gross motor play is so important for children with low tone to help build up their strength so that both gross motor and fine motor activities become easier. :boom: :muscle:

A few of my favorite pieces of equipment include:

:woman_kneeling: Yoga Cards-try doing 5-7 poses every day, holding each pose for 10-15 seconds.

Wobble Board - try counting out loud as she stands on it to “time” her :hourglass_flowing_sand:.You can also hang a coloring picture on the wall for her to draw :crayon::framed_picture: on while she stands on the wobble board-this helps to work her leg and core muscles in a “static” (still) position.

Scooter Boards are great!!! Have her scoot both forwards :arrow_right:, backwards :arrow_left:, around objects :arrow_right_hook:, on her bottom or while lying on her belly.

A Tricycle- pushing the pedals is a great workout for the leg muscles :leg: and mimics the reciprocal motion needed to climb the stairs.

:kick_scooter: Standing Scooter-helps practice standing on only foot at a time :leg: -building strength and balance for skills like stair climbing.

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I would also suggest just using the toys you have and making games where she has to engage her whole body! Crawling over cushions, crawling up and down stairs, any standing on an unstable surface. The playground is also a great place to work on strength!