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Low muscle tone (3 year old)

Hi- my daughter (age 3) has low muscle tone. Are there any exercises you can recommend to strengthen her leg muscles? Thank you!!

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Hi @naomi! Here are some good exercises to do for leg strengthening:

:one: Squatting and Standing-this could be done by placing puzzle pieces on the floor and the puzzle board on a table and have your daughter squat to pick up one piece at a time.
Here’s an example of how to set up an activity to encourage squatting and running.

Check out the second video in this post for another idea!

:two: Climbing up and down stairs: you can make it into a game- for example put a bunch of crayons at the top of the stairs (or on one of the steps in the middle) and have her climb the stairs to get each crayon to color a picture.
You can also just find reasons to have her go up and down the stairs several times a day-go get me something from my bedroom please, go downstairs to tell daddy “x”, come help me check on the laundry, etc.

:three: Do balance activities: Put one foot up on a step stool to play balloon toss or catch, Yoga poses (here is one of our favorite sets of yoga cards) Yoga is great for building strength in children with low tone.

Here are a few of our IG posts with balance activities:

:four: Scooter boarding- this can easily be done just by itself or to encourage repetition, set it up with a puzzle or another game with pieces. Here are different ways to use a scooter board:

It’s best to start off slowly to help her build up strength and stamina. Try to do a cumulative 25-30 minutes a day or exercise.

Going out for walks, jumping off curbs outside, galloping, running, riding a tricycle are also all great activities!


I love all the ideas from @tots-allison! I also love any kind of climbing activity. Crawling is a favorite over soft surfaces. If you have a tunnel you can put it on top of couch cushions or pillows. Here is another idea I posted about today

Here is a fun game and you can make it easier or harder but its great for the core!

Also, here is a great blog post that @Emily_Whigham_Heisey did for us!
Let’s Get Moving
Here is a stability circuit that we have done
stability circuit

Let me know if you have any questions!