Looking for advice on "terrible two" tantrums 😥

My 2 year old is sweet as pie :pie:, but in the last short while whenever I take her to the super market-or really any of my errands- she’ll throw herself on the floor screaming at the top of her lungs when I refuse to buy her a toy or treat. I’m trying to be both firm and kind and acknowledge her feelings, but it’s super embarrassing :disappointed:! Any advice?

Oh my goodness, I’ve been there! The only thing I can say, from one mom to another, is that most people totally understand. Don’t be embarrassed :slight_smile: It’s better that you stick to whichever decision you’ve made about purchasing a toy. Just being there for her and holding space, without giving in, is perfect!
You’re doing a good job, momma :heart:

I agree with @tots-mary completely! In the moment, you feel like it’s just you and everyone else’s kids are behaving better, but actually these tantrum moments are their way of expressing their emotions and are a great learning opportunity for them to realize that their parents will set boundaries, which ironically makes children feel more loved in the long run. Power to you!!! :fist_right: :fist_left:

@lilakole YEESSS!!! Kids actually crave and feel secure when there are boundaries :innocent:

Right there with you. And that’s why I order groceries for pick up now :laughing:
But when that’s not the option I try to go in prepared, either bring a snack I know he loves or plan to buy the snack there. As well as bring a favorite toy to occupy him just a little bit. And I unfortunately now he loves to “help” me push the cart- super fun. At times I just have to let him help. Super aggravating for me but apparently everyone else in the store gets a kick out of it and it’s definitely easier then the screaming or crying