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Light sleeper/Interrupted Sleep

My 6 year old has never really been a deep sleeper and he wakes up a lot in the middle of the night. He goes right back to sleep, but I see it’s impacting him during the day-he has a hard time waking up for school and his teacher has been mentioning that he seems spacey and tired during the day. Any suggestions?

Have you tried a noise maker? Or maybe ask your pediatrician about melatonin?

I haven’t tried a noise machine yet because he’s so sensitive to noise- and I thought that they were supposed to help block out other sounds, but our house is pretty quiet by the time he goes to bed. Maybe I should try that.

I did as about melatonin, and my dr. said it’s fine to use, but only would help him fall asleep not stay asleep.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Does he have a lot of congestion? I know I have a hard time sleeping at night when I’m stuffy and through the winter it’s worse because of the dryer air and dust. I use Flonase daily-its OTC and made for kids too. Definitely check with your doctor, but if he’s congested or has fluid in his ears, it could be helpful to try.

Weighted Blankets!!! They are Ammaaaaaazing!!! Helped my kids sleep so much more soundly at night. I swear by them.

I actually agree with both asking your pediatrician if Flonase or something similar would be helpful-it actually was a real game changer for my own kids.

Also, I now sleep with a weighted blanket and I sleep through the night soooo much better!

I never used noise machines for my kids, but that could be worth a try as well.

Hi, I’m a certified sleep consultant and would love to help! What time does he go to bed and wake up for the day? And what does his bedtime routine look like? I’m wondering if he could be overtired; overtiredness makes it hard to both fall and stay asleep. Also be sure that he’s not watching screens at least an hour before bedtime, and keep any milk and sugary snacks away from bedtime.

huh, I didn’t really think about over-tiredness. He probably goes to bed later than he should, cause he gets tired during the day, but then gets a second wind at night. Maybe I need to be more strict about an earlier bedtime. Thank you for responding!

Yes, that second wind is due to cortisol running through his body, making it hard to stay asleep. We want to catch him before the second wind.