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Lifting head

Hi! So my son has an abnormally large head (he has schizencephaly w/ mild hydrocephalus that we’re monotoring) so his head is growing a bit faster than his body. We’ve been doing tummy time and it is difficult for him to get his head up. He does better when he’s lying on our chests or elevated legs, but on the floor he can’t lift it at all without assistance. When he tries, his back legs fly up because he’s so top heavy so I’ve been holding his but down with his legs still bent but want to make sure I’m doing the right things!

Giving him some extra support with a towel under his armpits, placing him over a boppy pillow, or on your chest are all great ways to do tummy time and they absolutely count!!

If he’s really struggling to lift his head when flat on the floor, then it’s best to put that aside for right now.

I was placing him on a small pillow for some support but decided to do a bigger one this time around. It worked a bit better so we’ll keep it up with this bigger pillow as long as it’s not too high?

Is he able to lift his head at all when on this pillow? If you move him forward on that pillow so he’s supported closer to the armpits, is he able to use his muscles to lift his head then?

Also, are you able to see a PT to help you with more hands on guidance?

Not sure! Tonight was my first time trying it with this particular pillow/height and when we do tummy time I always put his arms under him for support so I will try pushing him forward a bit more so that the pillow is under his armpits. He might be able to pick it up a bit but it’ll moreso be movement just enough for him to roll (the weight moves and his body just follows lol). I have a pediatrician appt this Friday and was planning to inquire about possible PT (or OT?).

He’s 2mos btw…not sure I said that!

He’s adorable!!! I would definitely recommend getting a PT-and OT-eval

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Will do! Thank you!

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My son also has large head due to his arachnid cyst. He had difficulty with lifting his heads however he did it when he was 5months


Glad to hear! Did he do any therapies to assist or he just eventually got there on his own? We just received our pt/ot referral so we’re looking forward to getting started!

We didn’t get OT help at that time. He did it eventually. But now he is 10mos and no signs of crawling so have to talk with this doctor for ot referral.

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Wishing you all the best of luck! Hopefully it helps get things rolling

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