Letter recognition tips

Looking for any ideas to make learning letter recognition fun for my almost 4 year old.

He’s doing wonderful in preschool but teachers were only recently allowed to remove their masks and have noticed that the kids are a little behind with letter recognition. Not to the point where it’s a major concern but just want to make sure he doesn’t fall behind! I’m sure a lot of the pandemic toddlers are in a similar boat

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Thank you so much for this question! I’m going to tag some amazing speech therapists to see if we can get some more insight! :heart:

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I’ve found that kids enjoy going for a letter hunt, either inside or outside. I’ve given the kids a sheet with the alphabet and stickers and every time they find a letter they get to put a sticker on it. Also, cutting out items from a magazine/newspaper/catalog/etc that begin with the letter in the alphabet and writing the letter under it.

Hi! We have a letter puzzle and we put all the letters into a hat, pull one out and then hunt for it. I have my kiddos wear head lamps or use flashlights and we turn off the lights and “hunt” for the letters (that are taped to the wall w painters tape-letters written on construction paper).when they find the letter, we put the puzzle piece in the puzzle.

We also write the letters in the driveway w sidewalk chalk and they either run and jump on the letter or sometimes get their scooters out and “smush” the letter by going over it.