Learning to walk

Any tips for a 14 month boy that isn’t walking yet. He walks along everything and pulls himself up on his own. Has been doing all of this for along time now. We practice with him walking between us…but he either gets mad right away or will happily try just a couple times and has taken 3 independent steps. :thinking: his favorite thing is to grab our hands to help him walk all around. Which we do alot. Thank you!

Hey mama!! This is such a common questions because this happens with many toddlers

Check out these posts we did on getting ready to walk!

Let’s see if some other PT accounts can give some more suggestions

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Hi! He is so close! Providing lots of opportunities for him to transition between objects is great! I also have a highlight on standing balance and one on walking on our instagram account that gives lots of ideas! Also check out this blog with lots of posts in it based on skill!


Hi mom!
Everything everyone has said above, yes yes yes. But I would add to focus on standing alone. I have truly found statically from my many many years as a PT ( I’m old! Lol) that if a baby can stand alone for 60 seconds still and start doing some side to side swaying without falling over or holding on, then they are ready for their first steps!
Parents get excited when their baby starts walking even if hand held or for a few steps (but may be kinda like a dive to furniture or person.) while other babies are cruising furniture abs letting go for longer and longer standing still for months!!!
And so that may be the missing link for your little one… more standing alone practice both still and swaying side to side ALL BY HIMSELF. Steps will come:) just focus on all of the above from tots on target and starfish therapies. If you feel something else is going on talk to your pediatrician about a consultation with a pediatric physical therapist
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Statistically * from my many years not statically. On phone and auto correct won!!!