Learning sight words

I have some kids that are really struggling with sight words. I go over them very frequently using my flash cards, but some of my students are still having a difficult time. Any tips that would help?

Have you tried incorporating movement and or/with music to memorize them?

Here is a link of chants with movements (can’t find my file with the ones I used to use in my 1st & 2nd grade classroom a couple years back but these are very similar)…they were always a success catching their attention and keeping them involved while giving them variety in the repetition of sight word practice.

Chants for Sight or Spelling Words

Also a class favorite was the swat game.
Here’s a link I looked up with instructions:
Sight word game

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@Bustial Thank you, thank you!!! These are terrific, I downloaded and saved the PDF. I can see why these would so helpful, especially the games that incorporate the motor movement! I especially love the sight word slap with the fly swatter. I’m sure this builds automaticity too! I can’t wait to try these out :slight_smile:

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These cards are amazing! I’m not a teacher, but I am totally going to use this at home for practice when the time comes. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I always allow my student access to sight words, not only do I keep all sight words on a word wall, but I also have them place them in their learning journals. Students can always use their resources in the room whenever spelling a sight word. For some of my kiddos even seeing it in the room while reading helps them remember the word itself. And since I don’t prompt using the word wall in writing situations it helps them have a good command of the alphabetic order and use of this resource. I make a big deal when we put a new word on the word wall, pomp and circumstance. When we practice them which is daily we sky write them, and table top write them. I ask some students each day what they are imaging they are writing with. I let them be crazy like Marshmallows with rainbow coloring or stinky trash (for my mostly male students.) Then we have a little bit of a game that goes with the flash cards. We are always trying to master the sight words and when we do, I retire the card. Only pulling it out to excite them in their previous learned knowledge.


@Elysem86 I really love that idea of keeping them displayed on the wall, and you’re right, it’s awesome practice visually scanning through the list and familiarizing themselves with alphabetization! I also do the sky writing in my class but I’ll also try the table top write. Do you use any mediums like shaving cream, or do they just use their fingers on their desks?