Learn to slide while sitting?

At what age are children typically able to go down a slide while remaining sitting up, rather than laying on their back or rolling over on to their tummy to go down the slide? Are there any exercises that would help to achieve being able to slide down a slide while sitting up? Im guessing, it has to do with core strength or core and back strength? Thanks!

This isn’t a specific milestone so this isn’t such a scientific timeframe m, but around 18 months, possibly a little earlier.

And yes, this is really a matter of the core muscles working well enough to maintain an upright posture while the body is off balance :relaxed:

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This is a tricky one.
Like Allison Said, its not a milestone on a chart or test. On all the standardized tests I looked at which was about 5 of them ( PDMS, GMFM, DAY-C, HELP, and the EIDP)… Only one mentions the slide. its the EIDP ( early intervention development profile) And it says “goes down slide.” It puts it at 4 1/2 -5 years old. It describes the skill to include going up the slide ladder, getting on top of the slide seated and going down while maintaining sitting position, then finally hitting the bottom and standing up. The PDMS ( Peabody Development Motor Scales) has performing a sit up as a 5 year old skill. So back to this being a tricky one, Like Allison said, an !8 month old might be able to do it and remain sitting. However, don’t dismay if your child is older. It requires a strong trunk. Swinging requires the same trunk control and it is listed as a 5 year old skill on the PDMS. If your child is having trouble with this skill. Get some core exercises from your favorite PT, insurance might even cover it if you state your child can’t go down slide without holding their trunk up. We all need a strong core in life. :)) :wink:
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