Laying down to sitting

Hi, my son is almost 8 months and is very happy and steady when sitting independently. He is rolling fine too… not yet crawling…
but how can i teach/encourage him to sit up himself from lying down?
Would love to hear any tips you might have to help.
Thank you x

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Does your son get out of sitting? I have some resources that could be helpful for you. Here is a playlist on YouTube about sitting: I would work on getting in and out of sitting. Also, I shared a tip about putting toys up on different levels the other day. This can help kids begin to get into hands and knees and kneeling. From that position it is easier to help with getting into sitting. Login • Instagram.

The easiest way for kids to learn to get into sitting is from their belly. Later they figure out how to get into sitting from their back. We also have a round-up of all of our blogs and a whole section on sitting that may be helpful. Developmental Milestones Round-up

Here are a couple more videos that may be helpful:

Keep us posted!