Late crawling

My daughter is 8 months old. She rarely rolls and strongly prefers sitting. She has been independently sitting since 6 months and now is starting to scoot along the floor. We are trying to discourage the schooling. My nanny and I are dedicated to tummy time and she can push her upper body up but when goes into all fours (or we force her) she just flops down. We have seen a pediatric chiro who said her hips were tight so we have been working on that. Any suggestions? I don’t want to be too paranoid but between the clear dislike for rolling and lack of progress to crawling I felt we were not on the right track.

Hi! It’s great that you are looking for ideas and thank you for reaching out! I would agree that you would like to see some rolling more and ideally not encouraging the scooting. It’s great that she is such a great sitter but sometimes because they are so good at it they avoid other things including transitions between positions. I would start working on side sitting to help with some hip mobility and trunk mobility. Here is a video to help you work your way into side sitting. Also lots of trunk rotation and reaching across the body. Here is a play list of ways to work on crawling and hands and knees that may be helpful as well. If you are looking for more structured help we have 6 week gross motor programs that focus on specific skills and there are options for self paced or with virtual assist from a PT! You’re doing a great job and it’s great that you are reaching out!