Knee pain in 3.5 year old

Hi there! My son is 3.5 years old. He was in a doc band 6 months old-10 months old. It helped but his head isn’t perfectly round. I think only me and my husband can tell and only when it’s wet but it’s weighed heavy on my heart and I feel like I am at fault for it and I just feel awful for him. Anyways, at 3.5 years old he says his knees hurt a lot. Recently he says it when he goes up stairs. Can knee issues be related to his slight right side flatness ? It’s usually only his right knee that hurts. I used to think he was just saying it for attention or when he was sad because I would always stop whatever I was doing to talk to him and comfort him but I’m starting to think he’s really telling the truth. Never any limping, no fever, no swelling and it doesn’t slow him down. Let me know your thoughts at your connivence please !! Would be grateful :pray:t3:.

Hi Kelsey! Welcome to our community!

Firstly, many many many babies do end up with slight flat spots and no one can tell-as long as milestones we reached and the baby/child can use both sides of the body equally well and there are no facial asymmetries, then a mild flat spot is just that. And everyone has mild bumps, scars, etc. so this is just that for him. Hair is a gift from god :joy:

As far as the knee pain, I have never heard of joint pain being linked to a mild flatness on the head. Unless there is asymmetry throughout that side of the body and he’s not using his muscles efficiently, which he sounds like he’s not, then it’s likely something else entirely.

If this has been going on for a while, he should see a specialist. I would start with your pediatrician and then an orthopedist.

Hope this is helpful. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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