Katie Shipley, PT, DPT- Kansas City

Hi! I’m a pediatric PT in Kansas City, MO. I started my own business Nurturing Touch Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC within the last year, and have been a PT for 13 years. I specialize in birth to walking ages, typically seeing torticollis, developmental delay and pre/post tongue tie revision.


Hi @Katie_Shipley, welcome to the community! So excited to have your expertise here! I’m actually looking into taking some courses on TOTS. Do you have any courses you’d recommend? I was going to start by going through Talk Tools.

Welcome!!! We’re so excited to have you here!

Right now I’m taking a course by Lisa Paladino, The Professionals Guide to Tongue Tie. It’s been good so far. Pre-pandemic I took a course with Michelle Emmanuel and Melissa Cole which was very helpful. I also work closely with an IBCLC and talk with pediatric dentists which help me learn. It’s definitely been a process and learn more all the time!

Thank you for the welcome! I’m excited to be part of this community!

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