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Hi! I have an almost 3 yo low tone sweetie. He is about to age out of his physical and occupational therapy. He is working on jumping, running, and climbing stairs standing up. (He is also very short for his age, but very advanced in talking and cognition). He does not like wobbly surfaces like a trampoline unless he’s the only one on it. He’s just beginning to skip. How can I help him learn to jump with 2 feet off the ground? Thank you!

Hi, thank you for reaching out! Even though your little one is turning 3 you can also look at outpatient PT if you think he still needs it. In the mean time here is a 6 week program we created to work towards jumping. (it can take longer than 6 weeks depending on the child). Jumping // Gross Motor Programs

Here is a video I did as well: How to Safely Help With Jumping - YouTube

I am also sharing our Developmental Milestone Resource which has tons of information and resources! Developmental Milestones Round-up

Jumping takes lots of repetition so making it part of his day helps. And lots of overall strengthening play!

You should reach out to your public school district and ask for an occupational and physical therapy evaluation. If he is still receiving Early Intervention services they should be able to facilitate this process for you. If not you can email the preschool director and ask for an assessment. If he qualifies after the assessment he can receive those services via the public school as either a drop in service or as part of preschool on an IEP.

Hey @SLPmommy!

@Starfishtherapies advice and tools are so useful so I hope you’ve been able to take a look at that.

If your child has low tone, continuation of OT/PT is ideal.

I’m going to add some activities that are very effective at building the muscles needed for jumping:

  1. Squatting and standing-putt puzzles pieces on the floor and the board on a higher surface- have your child squat to pick up one piece at a time and stand to place it in its spot-then repeat

  2. Encourage jumping off a bottom step or curb-this can sometimes be a good start to jumping, even if one foot initiates

  3. Playing catch in tall kneeling -(the legs make an L shape) this works the core and hip muscles needed for jumping as well

Let us know how he’s doing :relaxed: