Jumping - 27 months no jumping!

My 27 month old still doesn’t jump. How can I scaffold this for her? I don’t know how to ‘teach how to jump’. Like is there a step before jumping I can help with?

We bought her the little tikes trampoline but we don’t know how to help her.

She was frank breech. A hip ultra sound when she was a couple of months showed no issues. She crawled and walked on time. She ‘W’ sits but we ALWAYS correct it.

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I recently did a video about helping with jumping. Here is an old blog post as well. Hopefully these give you some ideas. Also, work on going up onto toes and just squatting and bouncing!

@Starfishtherapies videos are fantastic!

Also remember that jumping is a 2 year old milestone, but it’s ok if it’s not mastered at exactly 24 months, some kids do it a bit earlier, some a bit later. The exposure to the trampoline is really good and encouraging lots of movement, climbing, squatting and standing to build up the quads and hamstrings, tip toe walking for the calf muscles will all help her get there