Jumper or exersaucer

Ok ladies, since you’re all so amazing, my sister is due in a few months and we are making her baby registry. What are some items, toys, or equipment you feel is a “must have?” I’m trying to tell her not to register for an exersaucer lol

I think a Boppy is on my must have list! I used mine for breast feeding and for all sorts of developmental play with my little one! Also, one of those activity centers where the baby can be on their belly, side, and back and look at things. It increases floor play time. And, you can use a boppy in there as well. A mirror for the floor. The sassy spinner toy. My son still loves it! An activity table that the legs can be removed from so it can go on the floor or slanted or as a table. I am also loving the inspiraspark little balance box. I know a lot of this isn’t equipment and I’ll be honest, I had the swing and the bouncy seat and we ended up not needing to use them because my little one was really good tolerating floor time (the side benefit of having a PT mom). The big thing is that any time in these is more time on their back so they need to make sure they are getting adequate time off their back.
I’m linking my amazon store which in the tummy time and the infant/toddler list has a lot of the items I talked about in case you need to see them. Also my instagram account has lots of highlights with us using the boppy, the activity center, the activity table. Sorry for the ramble! Also, here is a blog we have with tons of developmental stuff (and we keep adding to it)


yes, a boppy is a must!
play activity mat for the floor
a PLAYPEN that you can move around the house or take outside
looooove muslin blankets-so soft and perfect for layering!

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Thank you! I love all of your ideas for toys that will keep her baby engaged while on the floor. I’ve heard from you all how important floor time is! I’ll check out your amazon store too for more ideas!

PS what is your stance on exersaucers? I don’t want to be an alarmist, but I’ve heard they’re a no no from many professionals.

Thanks! I definitely don’t love them. I think people tend to use them too early and too much. But, I get it that parent’s need solutions to put their kids in something. I prefer a play pen/pack and play for that if you need to step away and want to ensure safety. If they do get it they should be able to stand at a support surface already and they shouldn’t be in it for more than 10-15 minutes. Does that make sense? Trying to be a realist as well as provide good information!

Thank you! I appreciate your professional opinion and also your real-life response. I’m going to tell my sister what you mentioned and also tell her that those exersaucers can be quite expensive and the baby should only be in them for a few minutes per day. Plus, they take up space!! lol

Thanks again, @Starfishtherapies. :heart:

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Yes! The space for me is always a factor!!