Isolated finger movements

So how do you get a child to go from scraping movements to activate objects to isolated finger movements? The child wants to be independent and does not want any assistance with handover hand. Child does have some developmental delays

Hey there! Thanks so much for this question. When you say scraping movements, I’m assuming you mean more of a raking motion, or using all of the fingers (index- pinky) to rake at objects to pull them closer to the palm. Does this child have a pincer grasp yet at all? How is he/she with self-feeding?

I’m not sure how old the child is - but one suggestion would be to set up the environment or activity to promote use of a pincer grasp. For example, you could try putting an age-appropriate snack in ice cube try to encourage pincer grasp rather than raking movement.

Great suggestion!

Exactly correct. Perfect wording…I think that’s what I was looking for…raking motion!

so we are working on that and I tried a pop up toy with the child and they were able to gently push the pop up objects back down until they closed, and eat graham crackers using pincer grasp. But, when a toy with different buttons or a lot of buttons with different functions are presented, they automatically start the raking motion.

I think in order to encourage finger isolation I would try to focus on activities that do just that. Kids like pushing small pompoms through a colander or into an empty grated cheese container. I’ve also done ribbon pulls, where I cut slits into an extra plastic lid, string some ribbon with knots on both ends, and have the child pull the ribbon through to the other side. Also, continue self feeding to encourage that pincer grasp.
He may also be doing that raking motion when he is excited or a little overstimulated by a toy. Are these toys you describe electronic?