Irregular Crawling Patterns?

My 9-month baby does not crawl or army crawl… she doesn’t even really bum-scoot in a normal pattern. She gets around by transitioning from sitting to crawling and uses that to slowly propel herself forward. She can rock on all fours for about 15 seconds. She can pull up on items to get on high knees. She started rolling both ways at 8-months, and sitting independently at 6 months.
What tips do you have to help her? (We were doing tummy time with pillow under her, wheelbarrow holding to strengthen arms, keeping her knees between my legs while she is on all fours… but now that she has figured out how to move in her own unique way-- she fights those interventions a lot.)


Mine is exactly the same. Even I would like to know if someone out there can help us to get our babies crawling

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Hey @dlarson and @Hdhiwar ! Happy to try and help as best I can.

Without knowing the entire milestone history, your baby did roll late (normal range is 4-6 months). And it seems like your baby has learned how to get in and out of sitting before crawling. This can happen and often baby has learned this new skill and wants to practice it over and over again instead of “being taught to crawl”. If your baby is rocking on all fours, that’s a great sign that the stability is there to soon advance to the mobility phase.

In this case-given the information provided here-I would just allow plenty of floor time and lots of motivational toys around.

If you don’t see advancing in crawling in the next 2-3 weeks, let us know. But for right now, baby may just ben focused on this particular skills.


I agree with Allison, based on information, rolling late and rocking only 15 seconds (although great) might mean more trunk/core control is needed for the arms to get strong enough.
Yes keep letting her rock in all fours for minutes instead of seconds , try this too

Pushing a couch cushion or stool or box around
On knees while holding trunk up on straight arms
You might need to place your hands on his/her calves and gentle nudge his legs right left right
To get the knee walking down

This ^ and what Allison said !

Jennifer Aguillard PT PCS


That’s really very reassuring. I will let you in 2/3 weeks time what’s her progress is.
Once again thank you so much for taking time to reply

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Hello my lovelies @tots-allison and @magicmomentstherapy
My little one seems to be getting into bum scooting. She hasn’t started doing it to full extent yet but seems like she goes on all 4 for few seconds then go back on her bum and then starts doing this springy action, first I thought she was dancing but then realised that’s how she is moving from one place to other so I googled and realised it’s called bum scooting and it’s not something which is good. So I am asking for help for ways to get her on all 4s and crawling please. She hates tummy time and if I put her on tummy she straight away comes out of it and sits.

Hi there again!
Good to hear from you!
Is this what you mean ?

If so that is usually due to one side of the body being tighter than the other. In addition to the suggestion in the video, straddling a peanut ball and balancing side to side is great too!
There is one particular peanut :peanuts: ball made by milliard that is perfect for littles your child’s age .
I will see if I can put the link here

Let me know if that is what you are talking about by bum scooting, sliding along the floor on their buttocks?

Jennifer Aguillard PT PCS

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! It seems like my daughter is really just transitioning in and out of sitting in order to slowly move across the room.

We will continue to try to build up her ability to stay on all fours using some of these suggestions.

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Here are some videos of a child who had trouble going from sitting to hands and knees and staying there. These ideas really helped him!