Independent Standing

My 12-almost 13 month old is still hesitant to stand independently. She will pull to stand, cruise and walk with a push walker, but she refuses to stand if not holding onto anything. Should I be concerned? Anything I can do to encourage?

It sounds like your baby is doing all the right things to build the strength and endurance needed to get to independent standing and walking. There’s nothing to be concerned with at this point-typical walking happens up until 15 months (and now even later according to the new CDC guidelines) so there’s still plenty of time.

A few tips:

  1. try placing things on the floor as shes cruising so she has to step over-this builds endurance for balancing on one leg which is needed for walking

  2. lots of squatting and standing-place toys on the floor then back on a coffee table to encourage squatting-great exercise to build strength!

  3. Check out this reel we did to help push a little further-
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Here are some more ideas for you to try in addition to @tots-allison’s

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