Inconsistent sleep in toddler

My 17 month old has been inconsistent with both daytime and nighttime sleep for the past month or so. He has always been somewhat inconsistent but since switching to one nap (he was refusing second nap), will sleep anywhere from 40 min to 2 hours for his nap (sleeps longer the earlier we put him down), and then generally goes to bed at 7 since he wakes up around 1 usually. He wakes up anywhere from 530 to 7am depending on the day with no predictable pattern. We’re not sure what to do at this point- just push him to a normal nap time regardless of wake time? Nap him earlier and then have a super long stretch to bedtime (which means nap time will be super inconsistent as well). Thanks!

Let’s ask some sleep consultants to see if they have some advice!


Hey there! The 2-1 nap transition is super tricky and comes with a lot of sleep inconsistencies! I’d recommend starting the nap at noon every day for a few months (it will move later as he gets older). He might be tired leading up to that time (avoid car rides from 10:30-12!), but if the nap happens too early, you’ll stay stuck in this inconsistent pattern. Keep doing bedtime around 7pm. You’re shooting for 1.5-2.5 hours of nap sleep and 11-12 of night sleep. Here’s a blog post with more tips and info on the 2-1 transition :slight_smile:

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