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In toeing from low tone hips

Hi, we are aggressively trying to combat in toeing for my 18 month old due to low tone, rotated hips. Our PT has given us a few exercises, like side walking and walking backwards, because her quads are stronger than her hamstrings. I’m curious what other creative exercises we can incorporate into every day life. Thanks! She is in PT for aggressive torticollis.


Hi! I would also ask your PT to make sure she has done a torsional profile on your little one just to make sure it is not the shape of her bones that are contributing.

Lots of climbing!!! It’s hard to go wrong with climbing! Walking up a slide, bridging, playing in squatting are just a few ideas!

So we saw pediatric orthopedist and she said my daughter does have mild tibial torsion in the one leg she in toes. Our PT said we must stay on top of PT to make sure it’s doesn’t become permanent, ortho said it should resolve on its own. What’s the real deal? I’m worried out PT missed this after she said she checked it. It’s very obvious to me.

Without seeing your little one it’s hard to say exactly. If you do work on the strengthening it will help because bone responds to stresses placed on it from the muscle pull. Does your little on w-sit? Or do they have a preferred sitting? I would still recommend lots of climbing. I really like climbing up the slide.

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