Importance of Muscle Tone?

Hi I hear a lot of talk about muscle tone and was wondering what is the importance of muscle tone?

I have a few blog posts that might help. Here is one about What is Muscle Tone. I also do a video explanation in that post. Also another one on low tone and high tone. Hopefully these help but I’m happy to explain more if you still have questions!

In the therapy world we seem to talk about tone a lot-you’re right. And it’s because it plays a huge factor in how easy or difficult it is for the muscles to move.

Tone is the resting tension of the muscles.

Think of a trampoline-there’s tension in the rubber as it’s pulled all around the perimeter. If some of the springs were broken and there was too much slack, it would be very difficult to jump. Similarly, if it was too taught, there wouldn’t be enough give when jumping (it would be like jumping on a hard wood floor).

So the right amount of tension in the muscles really affects how the muscles work. Tone does not change over the course of a lifetime, but strength can be built up to make up for low tone muscles.

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