Imaginary Friends

Hi all! Parent of a 4.5 year old girl with a very vivid imagination. Are imaginary friends ever of concern? And at what age/under what circumstances?

My niece went through a long phase with an imaginary friend. I don’t remember exactly how long, but my sister had spoken with her pediatrician who wasn’t concerned at all. He said it was very normal for more creative and social kids.

Heres a good article I saw on the topic

great article

I don’t have any experience with imaginary friends, but I’m eager to hear if others have. @Drkarenweiss do you have any tips or thoughts to share?

Imaginary friends are common at this age. Assuming that she’s generally based in reality, and you have no other concerns about her ability to separate reality and fantasy in real life, I wouldn’t worry about it. Embrace the friend as part of the family :slight_smile:

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I agree. My daughter used to pretend she was a mother and she had 3 kids she would talk to. :grimacing: :joy:

She’s a very social girl now. That phase didn’t last too long, but it was around a similar age to your daughter.

Thank you for this helpful information! She definitely spends quite a bit of time in imaginary play, but the majority of time is reality.

Thanks Mary! Good to know you had a similar experience!

Great article. Thank you!