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I feel like I've become a non stop chef while my kids are at home

Anyone else feel like they can never get out of the kitchen during the day? It seems like my kids are constantly hungry (or bored?). What rules do people have in place for meal times?

I’ve seen a few different ideas for all day snacking that seem to work. One is setting times to eat and not offering food outside of the times. Children can eat as much or little during those times, but won’t get anything else until it’s time to eat again. (This actually helped me stay away from boredom eating) on Instagram has a great post about it.

Another option I’ve seen is snack boxes and you put all the snacks for the day for that child in a box and they get to choose when they eat it. Some also allow kids to eat fruit/veggies in addition to their snack box.

Hopefully you find something that works for you and your family and gets you some rest!

I think those are really important and something I could probably get myself to stick to if I really choose to. I like the idea of putting out healthy snacks they can choose from so I’m not just waiting on everyone all day every day!

Thank you!

I feel you mamma! Between my two kids, I’m in the kitchen for like 6 hours a day-the healthier the food, the more prep and clean up time! And my kids are too young to tell them to help themselves between meals.