How to strenghten Tripod grasp finger for writing

Halo, How to strengthen tripod grasp finger for children easy to write ? please give tips or exercise to strengthen finger. Thanks.

my son now 4,5 years old, he was speech delay, he begin to speak at age 3, but now he can express his feelings and talk more.

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Hi @Cue! Welcome to our community!

I’m sure we will have OTs jump on to offer extra tips, but as a PT, I’ll start off with some of the activities I find useful.

Firstly, it’s always important to make sure that the core and arms are strong enough to support the hand-that means a lot of gross motor play. Climbing, hanging, wheelbarrow walking, crawling are all important to strengthen the whole arm

Then strengthening the hands is really best done through play for preschoolers. Playing with resistive materials like play dough and putty are so good for hand strengthening.

Here is a blog we recently shared that includes more info on this:

I’ll tag some OTs to hopefully share more great tips for you

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Hi there, and thanks so much for this question!
Definitely check out the blog that Allison shared because it has lots of great tips from the importance of gross motor play to the benefit of using a vertical surface and broken crayons. I thought I’d share just a few times from amazon that help with finger isolation, dexterity, and facilitation of that tripod grasp. For the thera-putty, you can hide coins, beads, or other small toys in the putty for your son to retrieve.

Also, here’s the link to one of our IG reels that might help

Thank you so much Allison and Mary, i need time to read and learn your tips one by one before i can practice with my child or ask another question. this community is a blessing for me that blind bout parenting, u give me light for me as a parent. thank you very much. it is so lovely to know u.

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You are too sweet! We’re grateful to people like you who are helping to build this fast growing community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello! For tripod grasp, I usually give lots of activities using clothespins that can promote tripod grip strength. You can use the clothespins to pick up small objects, clip cards or clothes cut-out on a clothesline, or you can clip it on your child’s shirt (anywhere on his shirt or shorts) then ask your child to remove the clothespin one by one. If your child finds it difficult to isolate his ring and pinky finger, you can roll a ball of clay or you can get a coin and have it held against his palm using the ring and pinky finger while doing other activities using the tripod fingers (Idk maybe if you’ll find my instructions confusing haha :joy: ). Cube links is also a great toy that can improve your child’s tripod grip strength! :relaxed:


great suggestions!!!


I had to hop to say thank you so much @Cue! It means so much to us because we always envisioned a platform where parents could gather, learn, and share! So happy this community has been so helpful to you and thank you for being a part of it! :slight_smile:


Very good suggestion, what is cube links ?


Here’s a photo of it :relaxed: It’s like lego blocks but it’s smaller and you’d have to use your fingers to put it together