How to promote hands for crawling

Hi! Ok this might sound crazy because my son is only 6 months old but he has been loving tummy time since he was first born and get in 3+hours a day because he’s so content. He can rotate like a clock and has been on hands and knees rocking since 4 months. He scoots backwards across the room but won’t pick up hands to crawl forward. How can I encourage that? Thank you!


It sounds like he is on track and doing great! One thing you can do is have toys in front of him on a bench or a vertical surface where he has to lift his hand to play with a toy. I would also put obstacles in front of him and put him part way over (like your legs or a pillow) and a really motivating toy in front that he wants to get to. Also climbing up stairs is a fun one.

Here are posts I have on some trouble shooting for crawling

Hopefully some of these ideas help!

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Thats amazing that your son is loving tummy time so much and is pivoting and moving along. Its definitely normal to scoot backwards first because pushing through the hands (resulting in the body moving backwards) is easier than getting up on all 4s and coordinating moving forwards.

you can definitely try putting cushions in from of him or have him over your leg so he has to figure out how to go over, but since he’s really on the young side for crawling, you can try just giving him some time to build the muscles and the coordination to do a four point crawl. Getting the hips up and under him and maintaining that quadruped position takes a lot of core and leg strength that he might not have yet. lots of babies don’t crawl till closer to 9 or even 10 months, so at 6.5 months with lots of floor time, hell likely get there with his own practice.

@Starfishtherapies videos are fantastic so def check those out for some extra tips

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I just wanted to add that my daughter did a funky crawl backward before she went forward. Its sounds like your little one is so close!