How to increase tone and strengthe

Hello tots on target

My 5y old son, had sensory isssues like melt downs, fear of heights and play ground equipments, little sound sensitive…
I had a doubt since 3y, but now there s quite a lot of improvement in his melt downs
I ve not assessed him yet

My problem s are

  1. He has fear of heights n playground equipment s, swings, heights etc
  2. Emotionally very sensitive. Gets upset for trivial things. Melt downs n tantrums are settled, but gets angry n upset.
  3. While sitting , he leans on me or any surface or lies down, but plays well with his peers
    Can play even the whole day… How to develop goodcore strength…
  4. He gets upset if he s not able to perform like his peers while running or cycling.

Otherwise all his developmental milestones are normal, can grasp good, socially very active…

My younger boy 3y, has squint both eyes
Had assymetrical crawling, walked at 1.3y, running and jumping, he was not comfortable till 2.9y. He had fear of vehicles, so he din want to come out n play. So now after we shifted home, he s very much interested to run…
He also runs whole day now,
Yet his tone s less.
I m worried about low tone in both my kids
Very much looking forward to know how it can be improved

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Hi @Saravanapriya, welcome.

I want to start off by saying that neurological tone doesn’t change, but we can strengthen muscles to compensate for tone.

Many kids with low-average tone have difficulty with endurance. Holding positions, like yoga positions, can be very helpful to build overall endurance and challenge those postural muscles. I’m also a fan of swimming and martial arts for kids.

As far as the fear of playground equipment is concerned, repeated exposure to something new can help ease fears. I never force a child to participate. Instead, I would use the swing or go down the slide to show a child how fun it can be. Sometimes kids will gauge our reactions first before trying something new.

It sounds like you are prioritizing a lot of outdoor play, which is great because it’s so valuable!

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