How to increase milk supply

Although I think my daughter is getting enough, when I pump, sometimes I feel like it’s not as much as I used to be able to express. Do you ladies have any tips for how to increase milk supply? I think I’ve heard of a type of herb, but I can’t remember the name. Thanks in advance!

I had very low supply at the beginning (0-3 mo pp) And I had to supplement with formula. To increase it, I started 3 Nature’s Way fenugreek supplements 3 times a day because my son’s pediatrician and the lactation consultant recommended it. It did make my son a little gassy at first, but he got used to it quickly and wasn’t gassy after maybe a week, tops. I also would drink a Vitamin Water Zero (you can drink anything with electrolytes), and a bag of Milkmakers Cookie Bites each day. I also try to make sure I’m getting enough iron in my diet. All of those increased my supply enough that I was able to drop the formula at 3mo. My son is now 10mo and we’re still going strong! I have since stopped the Vitamin Water & cookies, but still take the fenugreek.

Sorry that was long, but I hope it will help you!

How old is your LO? It could just be that your milk supply is evening out. I think Fenugreek is the herb, but I’ve heard it can negatively effect supply of some women. Maybe want to double check with a lactation consultant or dr. You could also try power pumping. I know this works for some.

Also how long have you been pumping and have you replaced any parts. I’ve noticed when I’m not getting as much as usually and replace the valves on mine it goes to back to normal.

I haven’t taken anything but I try to fit an extra pumping in during the day, especially since my guy eats more than I can pump! Luckily we aren’t doing bottles too often. I try to get the extra pump (or two) and drink lots of water.

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Thanks so much!! Yes, fenugreek, I knew it started with and F lol. And by the way, I’m intrigued by the Milkmakers Cookie Bites. I never heard of them :thinking:

She’s almost 1 month. Is power pumping similar to the extra pumping session that @Starfishtherapies recommended? I can definitely try to get another pumping session in there to see if it ups my supply. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t do the teas, just not for me. You can get them on amazon, Target, I’m sure other places, but my favorite place to get them was buy buy baby because you could use a 20% coupon on them.

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I also didn’t pump until my son dropped his 10pm feed, which was around 4 months. I tried earlier, but he was eating every 2-3 hours and I couldn’t find it in me to find more time to pump. Just seemed like there weren’t enough hours in a day for me to do it. But I’ve built a huge stash just from those 10pm pumps. I usually only get 4oz total, but it adds up!

If you don’t follow Legendairy Milk on Instagram or Facebook, you definitely should! They have TONS of info on everything breastfeeding and pumping. They have a highlight on Instagram about power pumping I think.

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