How to help baby sit up

My son is turning 7 month on the 7th and he hasn’t sat up yet. He mastered rolling at 5 1/2 month. He’s pivoting and scooting himself upwards to grab toys. How can I help him sit up? I’ve been putting him in front of me to sit and he’ll grab his toys, then he will tilt over. He also sits in his chair when we eats but that’s pretty much it.

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Hi there and welcome!

There is a progression to sitting and babies will practice propped sitting (hands in front for stability) first before they will be able to sit up and reach, grab, and play with toys while they are sitting. Is your baby able to sit in a propped position, using his hands for support?

With that said, sitting takes a lot of strength and coordination of the core muscles and a careful balance between belly and back side muscle groups.

I just spoke about sitting on our instagram stories @totsontarget. Definitely check it out! :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Thank you for your response. Yes, he sits in propped sitting when assisted. He just tends to tilt over when he’s not assisted yet and I wanted to see how I can help strengthen his muscles? I’m sorry! Just a first time mama here who’s always worried. :sob:

I will definitely check out your IG story! Thank you!

Hey @Santanya a good way to work on activating all those postural muscles is to have baby play with toys at eye level while sitting-this way baby’s head is lifted up and the trunk will work harder to follow.

When supporting your baby in sitting, the lower down you hold your baby (closer to the hips) the more your baby’s muscles have to work-the closer to the armpits you hold, the less work baby’s muscles are doing

We show you more about this in our Babies on the Move course as well!