How to encourage walking

My daughter is 12 months. She can stand using the wall (or something else) to balance and will cruise around on furniture and has been for a couple of months, but she does not want to walk or stand by herself. If she notices that she’s standing by herself, she will very quickly sit down. What are activities we can do do to encourage her to stand independently or walk?

Hi @Haleycampbell! Walking is a 10-15 month milestone so even though your baby has been cruising along furniture for a while, it can take several months for babies to develop the strength, balance, and body awareness to take those independent steps.

Considering that your daughter has been advancing in development well on her own, just giving her a lot of floor time to continue building her strength is the best thing. She’ll get there!!

Having toys spread out across the room and push toy to navigate around with in great.

I’ll also attach some posts I’ve done on IG with some ways to practice if you want to try, but again, it’s completely normal for this next milestone of walking to take a bit more time to mature, so try not to stress or push too much if baby just isn’t ready yet!

Hi! I agree with everything @tots-allison said. I also have a youtube playlist on ideas to help encourage walking and standing balance if you want to check it out.
And if you want something more structured to help you out we have a pre-walker gross motor program.

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