How to assist baby to walk

My little boy turned 1 a few weeks ago and isn’t really showing any signs of walking. He has no interest in pushing the push trolleys either.
I’m not sure how I can help him to progress. He will pull up stand and will cruise for a short while but that will be it. He’a been doing this for the past couple of months and now I hope to see him progress.
Is being able to push a push trolley the next step after cruising? And is there any alternative activity I can practise to encourage him to use his legs to move?
Many thanks

Hi @MSA! Hopefully it’s comforting to know that the typical age range for independent walking is 10-15 months, so even though your baby isn’t making much attempt at walking, he has several months to continue to progress and still be within the typical time frame.

A few things you could do:

  • Build up more endurance for cruising for longer periods- move toys a short distance away to encourage cruising, and keep moving the toy (or food) a few steps away. Keeping the motivation short distances away, but going for longer periods is a great start

Take a look at these two reels for some activity ideas

Thank you!

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