How many words should a 16 month old have?

Just wondering how many words my 16 month should have? Thanks!!

By 16 months a child should have approximately 10 words, for example, mummy, daddy, bot (potentially for bottle). Word approximations also count! By 18 months we would want to see approximately 50 words, however we wouldn’t expect your child to be putting two words together until 24 months. Usually they are putting a noun and a verb together, for example, mummy up or wash teddy. Hope that helps! - SLP Morgan

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Yes! I agree with Morgan! Also remember that many words is the approximate of Expressive Vocabulary. The child at 16 months should be understanding many more words. You also want to make sure you are watching how they USE the 1 word they have. Are they requesting, commenting, and protesting? This will lead to stronger language later!
Thanks -Janice SLP

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Thank you both so much for your advice!!!