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How many snacks

How many snacks do you offer your toddler a day? I feel like mine asks for food aaaallllllll day. I offer 3 meals which she kinda eats, but then in between meals she asks for food and I don’t want her to be hungry

Ive definitely been in this boat myself-You would probably find our podcast with very helpful-

Feeding can be so hard, especially when all we want to do as parents is make sure our children have the proper nutrition.

Personally I feed my toddler 3 meals and around 2 snacks a day.

My overall mindset is that I think trusting my child with what she wants to eat teaches intuitive eating and healthy eating patterns. If she doesn’t eat big at meals that’s ok. I just make sure meals are balanced and consists of a protein, carb (btw high fiber is most filling- ie: whole grains, oats, legumes etc.) and vege. I let her feed herself, explore and enjoy the meal.

Also using fun utensils or plates can make meal time exciting. Maybe she can even be part of the prep of the meal! This creates a relaxed atmosphere and more opportunity to hopefully eat fuller meals.

At the same time, nobody wants to be feeding every 30 minutes if she isn’t eating at meals. There definitely needs to be a balance. I would remind your daughter at the end of the meal that the next meal/ snack isn’t happening until _______ - fill in the blank with her schedule since toddlers don’t know time
ie: after we play outside (try for about 2 hrs separations between meals/ snacks and can lengthen with time)

Remember it’s all about balance so as long as you are providing nutritious options throughout the day, your child is receiving what she needs!

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Thank you, @adashofdiscovery! I love your comments about trusting our children, and you’re right, I think it sets them up for healthy habits later on!

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Thanks for your advice! I actually made her a picture schedule of the activities we were going to do and when meal/snack times are and it went soooo much better. She still asked, but I was able to push her off much easier. She actually ate lunch much better, not so much dinner, but its a work in progress.

Amazing interview! Thank you-I got lots of really good tips from this

so glad it was helpful!

That’s awesome, picture schedules are a great tool!

Took some time for my daughter to eat fuller meals at dinner too. From what I understand it’s totally normal and happens with time.

Yay for making strides!!