How do I help my students develop better pencil grasp?

Some of the students I have this year are fisting their pencils or using really interesting grasps when writing. Anything I can to help them in my classroom? I know this is a broad question, but any tips would be appreciated.

@vanessaL Hey! Thanks so much for your question! What grade do you teach? Typically, many kids will fist their pencils when they don’t have the strength in their small hand muscles or if their fine motor skills are a little underdeveloped. In preschool, I usually tell teachers to tackle fine motor skills through art and play. This way, when a child gets to grade school, his/her hands are ready to effectively and efficiently hold a pencil.

@tots-mary Yes, I absolutely agree with this! Sometimes I’m able to tell in kindergarten who went to play-based preschools that focused heavily on play

Games/toys are a great way to strengthen the hands and fingers in a fun way for kids.

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